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Mobile Engagement Unit heads to Far East Gippsland

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About 150 people attended a multi-agency fire awareness day at Cape Conran in late December 2018.

Mobile Engagement Unit heads to Far East Gippsland

CFA Community Enagement worker John Upton

The day started with a Junior Ranger All Fired Up activity delivered by Parks Victoria and then a visit to the CFA community engagement bus. 

FFMV and CFA then came together to promote camp fire and BBQ safety as well as how to travel safely through high fire risk areas.

Many visitors that engaged on the unit were from the south eastern suburbs and unsure of their bushfire risks at home.  Some were surprised to know that they lived in high bushfire risk areas and were supported on the day to complete a household bushfire survival plan.

The day was a great success and visitors to the bus were grateful for the support and advice they were given in relation to their individual circumstances.

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