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CFA rescues parachuter from tree in Ghin Ghin

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Firefighters worked alongside police, paramedics and SES to free a man stuck 20 metres above the ground in the canopy of a large tree in Ghin Ghin on Sunday afternoon.

CFA rescues parachuter from tree in Ghin Ghin

Crews were called to the parachute accident at 7.30pm on Sunday 8 December after the man had already been stuck for around three hours.

Two high-angle technicians, one from SES and one from CFA, also responded to help rescue the man.

Homewood Fire Brigade Captain Tom O’Dwyer said the man was found standing upright on a branch below where his parachute was stuck.

“Technical rescue specialists arrived on scene so crews hooked up some ropes and a trained member climbed up to release the man,” Mr O’Dwyer said.

“Once everything was set up, the rescue operation took around 20 minutes.

“Everyone, from police to SES and CFA, all worked very well together to devise a rescue plan.”

The incident was listed as under control at 10.42pm when the man was released and handed over to Ambulance Victoria.