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Chief visits ICCs in fire-affected areas

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Chief Officer Steve Warrington and FFMV Chief Officer Chris Hardman have visited the Incident Control Centres in Gippsland coordinating the ongoing fights against the Thomson Jordan Divide Road fire and the Timbarra fire. 

Chief visits ICCs in fire-affected areas

CFA and FFMV crews continue to work day and night on the fires alongside emergency sector partners, battling winds and challenging terrain.

"The coordination of ground and air staff, the management of the staging areas and the multi-agency cohesion are some great examples of what can be achieved when working together," Steve said.

"We still have a ways to go but I'm extremely proud of the work done so far, and I'm confident we'll get the job done right."

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Meanwhile, CEO Paul Smith, ACO South East Region Trevor Owen, and Executive Director Infrastructure Services Anthony Ramsey visited Walhalla this week, meeting brigade members and touring the town to inspect the impact of the fires with Erica and District brigade 2nd Lieutenant Russell Wright.

During the visit they were able to see first-hand how close the bushfire came to communities and thank everyone for their continued support to the firefighting effort across the region.