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Communities stitch together

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A number of community groups from across the state have provided handmade quilts and blankets for the Corryong Group of fire brigades to distribute among their communities.

Communities stitch together

After last year’s extreme fire season, many communities were left devastated and some homes were completely destroyed.

The quilts and crochet blankets were donated from Deep Creek Quilting in Carisbrook Victoria and the blankets were made by the Trefoil Guild members in Maryborough. 

Tintaldra Communications Officer Redel Whitehead said it was amazing to see communities from all over Victoria wanting to support them.

“The quilts were given to Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) to bring up to the Upper Murray to be given to members of the community who had been affected by the bushfires,"Redel said.

“As well as brigade members that had lost their own homes and CFA volunteers that had gone over and above with help during the fires.

“Altogether we had 11 quilts and blankets donated - an enormous contribution as quilts cost around $300 each.

“Each blanket had a letter pinned to it telling the recipient where it came from.

“The brigade then visited the recipients and asked them to pick a blanket or quilt. Some of them said that there were others that needed these more than themselves, but with a bit of coaching they picked one.

“Everyone was very thankful for the donation and I think it gave them a bit of hope in an extremely difficult time.”