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Enhancing traditional burning knowledge

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A team of 30 people will travel to the Gulf of Carpentaria later this month to participate in the renowned Jigija Indigenous Fire Training Program – thanks to an Enhancing Volunteerism Grant from the Victorian Government.

Enhancing traditional burning knowledge

The Jigija Indigenous Fire Training Program is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Led by Gangalidda and Garawa Traditional Owners, the program is the only one of its kind in Australia, and offers participants valuable insight into traditional burning operations and cultural education.

District 20 secured the grant in the most recent round of Enhancing Volunteerism funding and invited members from other districts to express their interest in taking part in the four-day program. Nominations were received from right across Victoria with 25 members selected, representing the CFA’s five regions and 14 of 21 districts. 

The team will be led by District 20 Operations Officer, Bryan Suckling, District 20 BASO, Lisa Brettschneider, and Vegetation Management Officer, Eain McCrae. Two Traditional Owners from tribal groups in District 20 will also join the team on this unique learning experience.

District 20 Operations Manager Peter Taylor said the course would provide members with invaluable knowledge on the importance of using fire to manage pastures and seasonal burning, as well as how fire authorities could integrate traditional practices with conventional fire management strategies.

“This is as a fantastic opportunity for us to enhance our cultural awareness, build on partnerships with Traditional owners and strengthen our commitment to supporting cultural values,” Peter said.

The program runs from 22-29 July. For more information visit the Jigija website