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Friendships forged in fire and community spirit

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Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers across Victoria are today reflecting on the close bonds they’ve formed as brigade members to celebrate International Day of Friendship on Thursday, 30 July 2020.

Friendships forged in fire and community spirit

Tameeka Cann (right) is one of the CFA members who has shared their friendship stories as part of International Day of Friendship.

CFA Deputy Chief Officer and Executive Director Volunteers & Capability Peter O’Keefe said the International Day of Friendship offered a great opportunity for all Victorians to reflect on a difficult year of bushfires and a worldwide pandemic and the important relationships that help us all get through challenging times.

“In CFA, there are so many different people from different walks of life but we all come together through the one mission – to protect life and property,” he said.

“We do that through our shared strengths in fire safety, the volunteering spirit and community connectedness.

“The beautiful thing is that when we do these things as volunteers and support staff – with and for the community – we also gain wonderful benefits such as friendships.

“That mateship is evident on the fire ground during a major bushfire season like we’ve just had, but also in other community involvement such as our commitment to the Good Friday Appeal, to the Emergency Services Blood Challenge and annual winter donation of ex-CFA woollen jackets to the homeless community.”

DCO O’Keefe said all CFA members bring a broad range of skills and qualities to the table. 

“Our people have world-class skills across incident response and management, community safety education and cutting edge research amongst much else. 

“So it is perhaps not surprising that our like-minded people have found lasting friendships along the way.

“I’ve made some of my own best friends in CFA, and it’s amazing to hear other stories of friendship between our members as we mark International Friendship Day today.”

From every corner of Victoria, members have shared stories of their friendships forged through CFA.