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Giving a voice to women in emergency services

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CFA Statutory Reporting Advisor Angela McKean was keen to learn from and collaborate with leaders in emergency services. A supportive colleague introduced her to the Australian Women in Emergencies Network (AWE).

Giving a voice to women in emergency services

L-R: Jessica Meilak (EMV), Angela McKean (CFA), Liz Calder (CFA), Amy Miller (EMV), Lisa Jackson (EMV), Allie Guegan (CFA), Terri Wright (CFA) and Amanda Lamont (AWE Vice President)

From the inaugural meeting in her region, Angela was inspired by the fabulous people she met.

“The benefits of AWE are to connect and collaborate with women in emergency services. We’re able to relate shared experiences and push for change where it’s needed,” Angela said.

Angela is one of more than 900 women throughout Australia who have joined the AWE, including several CFA people.

In October meetings were held across the country, generating ideas and feedback about the strategic direction of AWE, including vision and mission, services and activities.

CFA Manager Business Intelligence Elizabeth Calder joined the new network to contribute to establishing the purpose and what the network aims to achieve.

“It is my responsibility as a leader to support initiatives that contribute to positive outcomes for the community; whatever that community looks like,” Elizabeth said.

“I have met many talented people in my time at CFA and I was pleased to see so many of these fabulous women are already part of the network.

“I am eager to encourage others to join and genuinely connect to learn from other’s experiences, so together we can build resilience.”

CFA Inclusion and Fairness Coordinator Terri Wright said the network would give voice to women in emergency services.

“We all bring unique skills to the work we do and make a valuable contribution,” Terri said.

“Providing opportunities such as this will support members and assist CFA to be a progressive and inclusive emergency service organisation where diversity, inclusion and fairness are part of CFA’s everyday practice.

“The AWE Network will bring women and their allies together and provide a platform for gender equity in the sector in a supporting environment.”

AWE Network will:
• promote and develop the skills and strengths of women
• give a voice to women
• encourage and support the next generation of women in emergency management
• provide a platform for networking and shared information
• provide collaboration and cooperation
• encourage gender equity in the sector

AWE Network is aiming to reach 1000 members by the end of year, with members encouraged to plan end-of-year celebrations to engage active and new members.

“Think outside of the square of what this network could do for you. It might be a foot in the door for a career change, or perhaps an opportunity to tackle a problem collaboratively.” Elizabeth said.

To join the AWE Network please email or visit Facebook or LinkedIn.