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HART train for gondola rescue

  | Shaunnagh O'Loughlin Views: 1259

Members of CFA’s technical rescue team have participated in a joint annual rescue training exercise with MFB at the Eagle Gondola facility at Arthurs Seat, Dromana.

HART train for gondola rescue

About an hour from Melbourne, the Arthurs Seat Eagle is a gondola lift that travels from a base station in Dromana to the summit of Arthurs Seat in the Mornington Peninsula. 

The gondolas travel over state forest to a peak height of 314 metres at the summit.

Each year employees at Arthurs Seat work together with emergency services to test their rescue procedures and systems to ensure an effective response can be provided to any situation.  

CFA’s High Angle Rescue Team (HART) and four members from MFB’s High Angle Rescue team conducted a simulated rescue of a maintenance worker from the top of one of the structures many towers.  

This year’s scenario also covered the simulated rescue of customers with mobility aids and assistance dogs from the cabins to the lower station.   

Daryl Owen, Senior Station Officer at CFA’s Dandenong Station, said the training increased the capability of the team, and highlighted the commitment of the facility’s owner to ensure their management plan was inclusive of all visitors.

“The facility is state of the art and well maintained making a real rescue very unlikely, however it is best to be prepared; Eagle’s management plans for all scenarios,” Daryl said.

“This training was a great way for both CFA and MFB’s high angle teams to work together using a combination of systems.”

For more information on HART and technical rescue at CFA visit CFA Technical Rescue on Facebook