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Investing in leadership potential

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CFA is working with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to deliver two new leadership development programs for our people. 

Investing in leadership potential

CEO Paul Smith with CEO AIM Ben Foote.

The new programs will enable participants to develop new leadership capabilities relevant to incident management.

As a national provider of leadership and management development programs AIM works with many emergency service providers around Australia. Their capacity and experience to deliver leadership development programs that are contemporary, flexible, learner centred, and integrated to align with both organisational outcomes and national qualifications will support our learners to achieve their best. 

The new leadership programs will be co-created to align with the Model, Think and Self-Aware leadership emergency management capabilities at the team leader and team member level. Each program will aim to improve the ability of team members and team leaders to perform the critical roles CFA undertakes to serve our society during business as usual, and while managing emergency incidents.

“We encourage our leaders of the future to embrace these programs to improve their ability to manage rapidly changing circumstances, maintain an optimistic outlook in challenging situations, and understand when expertise lies with others,” CFA CEO Paul Smith said.

“From this strengthened perspective, our teams will be better prepared to lead through the unknown, quickly absorb information and make decisions collaboratively.”

The new collaboration with AIM will combine the subject matter expertise of CFA and partner agencies and the instructional design and delivery professionalism of AIM to create a program that:

  • is interactive, learner centred and aligned to the role each person needs to complete;
  • includes organisational support models to ensure learning is social, formal and adaptive to the learner’s needs;
  • integrates the subject matter expertise important to  CFA and the broader emergency services sector into content and outcomes;
  • is a contemporary approach to leadership development that focuses on Mindsets, Skills and Capacity;
  • promotes a culture of performance, accountability and agility;
  • can be done either face-to-face or by distance learning;
  • includes both coaching and mentoring;
  • sets people up for success in both incident and organisational management; and
  • allows participants to complete national accredited competencies and qualifications that align to our position requirements.

The new leadership development programs will be available by March 2019.

Back row: Jobbin Johns (CFA), Leona Latcham (CFA), Julia Lane (AIM), Colin Boldra (AIM) Front row: Paul Smith, Ben Foote.