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Junior Urban Championships a hit at Horsham

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Around 60 junior brigade teams, including two teams from Western Australia gave it their all during the successful 2020 State Urban Junior Championships event in Horsham on the weekend.

Junior Urban Championships a hit at Horsham

A strong crowd turned out to support the contingent of talented under-14 and under-17 teams for the 47th State Urban Junior Championships, which ran on both Saturday, 22 February and Sunday, 23 February.

Participants showcased their teamwork skills in a series of events which involved coupling and uncoupling hoses, setting hydrants and fixing branches as fast as they could.

The event helps junior members develop leadership and teamwork skills, which are not only transferrable to their future involvement with the CFA, but in other areas of life.

From inception the Championships were a way for brigades to demonstrate their skills to the Victorian communities as well as improve their operational skills and capability.

Western Australian team Harvey A were one of two interstate teams invited to compete at last weekend’s event and were crowned Grand Aggregate winners.

The countdown is now on in anticipation for next month’s inaugural CFA-VFBV Firefighter State Championships at Mooroopna.

This year, the Rural Senior and Junior Championships and Urban Senior Championships will be held together for the first time in a celebration of CFA, with families and the wider community invited to attend.

Harvey A from Western Australia were crowned Grand Aggregate winners


Hydrant Race: MELTON A: Devante Johns

Marshall – One: GEELONG WEST: Thomas Evans

Marshall – Two’s: HARVEY A: Daniel Mortella and Brodie Heiner

Y Coupling – Two’s: HARVEY A: Daniel Martella and Brodie Hewer

Y-Coupling – Four’s: GEELONG WEST: Thomas Evans, Kiara Woods, Rhianan Woods, Chloe Posterino

Wet Hose 2nd Disc: KANGAROO FLAT A: Oliver Lowndes, Dylan Gilbee, Will Dieckmann, Zhoe Sutton

Wet Hose 1st 2nd Disc: MELTON A: Devante Johns, Jesse Arandte, Ebony Falzon, Jamie Millington

Wet Hose – Two’s: MELTON A: Devante Johns and Jesse Arandte

Wet Hose – 1 Disc Twice: HARVEY A: Daniel Martella, Brodie Hewer, Stockden Ottrey, Cam Wellington



Y-Coupling – Two’s: KANGAROO FLAT A: Blake Harris and Isaac Lowndes

Y-Coupling – Four’s: ROWVILLE A: Ben Landells, Heath Andersen, Michael Thissen, Daniel Smith

Marshall – One: MELTON B: Ben Geysing

Hydrant Race: MELTON B: Ben Geysing

Marshall – Two’s: KANGAROO FLAT A: Blake Harris and Isaac Lowndes

Wet Hose 1st 2nd Disc: MELTON A: Jack Geysing, james Aarandt, Triunity Steele, Emma Portellie

Wet Hose – Two’s: MELTON B: Ben Geysing & Manaia Robinson

Wet Hose 2nd Disc: KYNETON A: Declan Magrath, Mason Wright, Harry Smallwood, Henry Taylor

Wet Hose – 1 Disc Twice: DROUIN/BUNYIP: Tessa Binney, Nate Lucas, Euan Lucas, Sasha Galenkov



1st: MELTON A - 39 points

2nd: HARVEY A - 35 points

3rd: GEELONG WEST - 30 points



1st: MELTON B - 31 points

2nd: HARVEY A & KANGAROO FLAT A - 23 points



 1st: HARVEY A - 58 points

2nd: MELTON A - 56 points

3rd: MELTON B - 46 points

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