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Lights, camera, Mildura in action

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Existing career firefighters looking for a change of scenery can gain insight into station life at Mildura by watching a video about this station and the community our members protect and serve.

Lights, camera, Mildura in action

Mildura fire station

The two-minute film aims to assist in filling long-term vacancies at the station.

It highlights the diverse firefighting experience, while giving an insight into the outdoor-focused lifestyle staff can enjoy while off shift in Mildura.

Filling these vacancies forms part of CFA’s 350 Firefighter Program (P350), run by Growth Programs. P350 is our current state government commitment to enhance service delivery in a range of communities, which includes increasing mixed-rank career firefighter numbers at fire stations.   

Mildura Officer-in-Charge Ron Shiner said he needed four more Leading Firefighters to support increased staffing of the Aerial Pumper. 

“Growth Programs has recently completed renovations at the station, adding two bedrooms and extending the gym and kitchen to accommodate additional career firefighters,” Ron said.

“As a fire service agency, we need to respond to population growth in our community, which is why we’ve increased staffing numbers and are looking to fill vacant Leading Firefighter positions to support the work the Aerial Pumper does in Mildura and the surrounding area.”

“I encourage firefighters based at other integrated fire stations who are looking for a change of scenery, to check out the sunny lifestyle showcased in our video.” 

Watch the video below:

The video will be used during presentations and communications relating to CFA’s career firefighter Fire Station Transfer Procedure. 

The procedure provides the opportunity for Firefighters and Leading Firefighters to transfer into a Firefighter or Leading Firefighter vacancies at a range of integrated stations including Mildura. 

For further detail on this, please refer to the Fire Station Transfer Procedure available on the CFA intranet.

Existing career firefighters who are interested in finding out more about opportunities at Mildura can call the station on (03) 5051 4100.