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Members join Melburnians for Moomba

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On Monday 9 March, CFA volunteers and their families marched alongside Melbourne’s best in the Moomba Parade. 

Members join Melburnians for Moomba

The parade, which takes place each year, is filled with floats, dancers and puppets, along with community groups like CFA. 

More than 80,000 people attended the parade. The volunteers joined Ambulance Victoria and MFB in the emergency services section, and were led by Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp.

CFA members from across the state were cheered on by Melbournians as they walked along Birdwood Avenue, followed closely behind by the truck from Truganina. 

Scott Tomlinson carried the CFA flag, and Kellie Fielder held the Moomba group sign at the head of the group.

Volunteers were encouraged to enjoy the day and explore what the festival had to offer once the parade was complete.

Thank you to all those who joined us for the parade, and to those who cheered them on from the crowd.

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