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New adaptive e-learning training packages

  | Executive Director, Training DCO Gregg Paterson AFSM Views: 3720

Message from Executive Director, Training DCO Gregg Paterson AFSM

New e-learning training packages are now available via The Learning Hub – and the great news is, they’re adaptive, meaning you only need to learn the information you don’t know, and don’t have to sit through learning information you already know.

New adaptive e-learning training packages

A thermal imaging camera in use. Photo courtesy Winchelsea Fire Brigade, March 2019

e-Learning is one way we’re increasing the sustainability of our brigades and the capability of our people.

We’re excited to share the latest e-learning packages to be added to The Learning Hub. These new packages are the next in a suite of e-learning programs due for release this year.

With Thermal Imaging Cameras becoming more and more popular with our brigades, the Thermal Imaging Camera Awareness course teaches people how to collect, read and interpret images that are gathered using the handheld thermal imaging camera. It’s the first step in completing the practice training component

Brown Coal Mine Firefighting has been developed to ensure firefighters responding to a fire in a brown coal mine understand the differences to other incidents and unique challenges they may face so that they can work safely and effectively in that environment.

As part of the rollout of these new courses, we’re also launching the adaptive versions of our existing e-learning training packages. This means that for the first time we’re able to offer recognition for prior learning and experience; I know this is something that you have asked for.

e-Learning isn’t a replacement for in-person training. CFA people receive more than 500,000 hours of formal and informal training each year, delivered by about 1000 paid and volunteer trainer-assessors.

The digitisation of our current and future training and assessment programs helps us to deliver more flexible, consistent and targeted training to brigades, particularly for individual, role-specific training and response activities.

It also allows us to meet the demand for training across the state. Face-to-face training often means a delay in being able to complete competencies and qualifications if sessions are full. For some it can mean having to travel long distances.

In some cases, members will now be able to complete the majority of their training online before completing a smaller, practical component in person.  

If you prefer to participate in face-to-face training, this will continue to be available to you through your district office.  

The new courses will be continuously improved upon to ensure they are in line with the latest information and advice. If you have any feedback please email us at

We’re thrilled to be able to offer our people modern approaches to training in addition to our traditional program. We look forward to delivering our next e-learning packages including Fire Weather, Asbestos Awareness, Intermediate Bushfire Behaviour, AIIMS Awareness and of course Drive on Roads and General Firefighter.

To find out more or enrol in our current e-learning packages, visit The Learning Hub or talk to your district learning and development coordinator.

The new e-learning packages are funded under the State Government’s $60m investment in the Victorian fire services as part of the 2017 Fire Services Statement.  

This identified that an increase in training opportunities and brigade support was required for CFA to continue to be a strong and proud volunteer organisation, equipped with contemporary, high-standard equipment, tools and systems.