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New media accreditation card

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CFA's media accreditation card has been given a much needed makeover.

New media accreditation card

New accreditation cards

Media outlets require the card to access CFA incidents so you may see the new design on firegrounds this fire season.

The new design not only has a fresh new look, it is also far more durable.

The CFA Media Team issues the passes once media personnel have successfully completed the online course: ‘Maintain Safety at CFA Incidents’. 

This course is linked to the national competency ‘Maintain Safety at an Incident Scene’.

The pass lasts for three years after which media personnel need to complete the course again in order to stay accredited. 

It’s important to note the old media accreditation card below can also be used until the card expires. The expiry is listed on the bottom of the card.

The majority of the old media accreditation cards are expected to expire within the next two years.

If you have any questions, please call CFA Media on 1300 232 633.