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New training props

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In late 2020 CFA took delivery of two new pressure vessel mobile training props. These are an addition to the existing 10 mobile training props currently in use.

New training props

The new props simulate fires involving a large pressure vessel, such as a bulk LPG cylinder.

There are three burners that can be activated to create a range of realistic hot-fire training scenarios. These burners provide fire under the cylinder, from the pressure relief valve and from a ruptured pipe.

Mobile props are placed at various locations around the state for four weeks at a time, and they can be booked by your group training officer for group training. The Expression of Interest form, which is also the booking form, can be found on Members Online.

For more information, contact the mobile prop coordinator on 1800 035 211  or email

This project was funded under the State Government’s Fire Services Statement with the aim of ensuring CFA brigades are equipped with contemporary, high-standard equipment, tools and systems.

Watch a video of the prop in action: