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Noble Park Fire Brigade hosts its first Iftar

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Last week Noble Park Fire Brigade held an Iftar to bring its members together to break fast during Ramadan. 

Noble Park Fire Brigade hosts its first Iftar

The Iftar, or the breaking of the fast, is one of the most significant points of the day during Ramadan. An Iftar is the main meal of the fasting day which occurs at sunset every day of Ramadan.

Noble Park Firefighter Sheik Sulaiman said it was the first time the brigade had held an Iftar.

“It was great to have so many brigade members come together to celebrate Ramadan,” Sheik said. 

“Most of the members in the brigade aren’t Muslim and therefore won’t be fasting during Ramadan but for them to take part and want to know more about Ramadan, it’s amazing.

“The initial breaking of the fast isn’t a huge meal,” Sheik added. “We start by having a date and a glass of water, we would then say a prayer and thank god for our blessings. We then return to eat a larger more substantial meal.”

Sheik said fasting for Ramadan hadn’t affected his role in the brigade during his five years at CFA.

“Ramadan doesn’t affect me volunteering,” Sheik added. “I continue to turn out just as I usually would.

“Throughout the year I sometimes skip meals and practise fasting so I am ready for it when Ramadan comes around,” he added. “I’ve also been doing it for a very long time so I’m used to it.”

“I really want to say thank you to CFA and the brigade. I volunteer to give back to the community and to Australia.”

Noble Park Brigade Captain Matthew Pond helped organise the event and said the brigade was a reflection of the community it served.

“Noble Park Fire Brigade has a diverse membership just like the community we serve.

“This was the first time hosting an Iftar and a great opportunity for us to support our Muslim members, learn more about Ramadan and come together to celebrate,” Matthew added.

“Noble Park is a really proud of its diversity and we looking forward to hosting more events like this in the future.”

Ramadan 2021 will run from Tuesday 12 April to Wednesday 12 May, find out more on the Islamic Council of Victoria’s website.