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One number for wellbeing

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You now only need to dial one number to access CFA’s wealth of member and family support services.

One number for wellbeing

CO Steve Warrington speaks at the launch of the Wellbeing Support Line

As part of R U OK? Day, CFA’s wellbeing team has launched a central support line, providing members, staff and their families with a single point of entry to its Member Assistance Program (24-hour counselling) as well as peer support, chaplaincy support, manager assist, and organisational wellbeing services.

The new number to access all of these services is 1800 959 CFA or 1800 959 232.

In the past, members and staff were advised to use a range of different numbers depending on what support they required. This new service centralises this process, allowing people to ring one number and select the option they require from a menu. The call is then redirected to the appropriate service or person. Existing numbers for each service will also redirect to the new central number.

As part of the launch, every member household will receive a fridge magnet with the new number in the mail.

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Watch: CFA launches new Wellbeing Support Line

CEO Paul Smith said CFA was committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of its people.

“We’re excited to launch our new Wellbeing Support Line on R U OK? Day and bring together the range of health and wellbeing services available to our people and their families,” Paul said.

“1800 959 232 is the only number you need to call when you need support.  

“Remember, our Wellbeing Support Line is a free and confidential service and is available to all CFA volunteers, employees, and their immediate families.”

Chief Officer Steve Warrington said looking after our mental health was just as important as maintaining our physical health.

“You will be better able to provide help to others if you’re looking after yourself first and foremost – this is even more vital as we head into the summer fire season,” Steve said.  

“If you do feel like you’re not ok or if you notice a change in someone you know, call the Wellbeing Support Line and encourage others to do the same.

“There is no shame in reaching out to others if you need help and advice.”

In addition the Wellbeing Support Line, today also saw the launch of additional services:

  • Career Firefighter Peer Support Program for career firefighters  
  • Trauma Support Dog Ember  
  • The Let Me Know App which will be available soon for CFA members and their families 
  • Mental health first aid training and road to mental readiness 

View more information on CFA’s wellbeing support services


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