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Overflowing with donations

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Coldstream Fire Brigade recently pushed a donation drive throughout the community and its response was overwhelming. 

Overflowing with donations

Photo: Courtesy of Gruyere Fire Brigade

On Thursday 2 January, members of the public were quick to respond to a local post from Georgia, a resident in Coldstream, asking for a variety of donations to support communities affected by the bushfires around the state. Coldstream captain Sean Bethell and brigade member Connie Dent helped push the donation drive.

Brigade member Connie Dent said the brigade underestimated people's generosity. 

“We only thought we would fill up a few horse floats to take, but it ended up being nearly 800 pallets," Connie said.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the success of this appeal. We had a standstill traffic jam on Maroondah Hwy in Coldstream due to the number of people turning up to donate to the station.” 

Coldstream Fire Station

Coldstream Fire Station quickly filled up with donations and leaned on neighbouring brigades for support. Lilydale, Gruyere and Belgrave were among the supporting brigades who helped take donations.

Over 500 pallets of goods were received within 48 hours. On top of the donated goods, $20,000 worth of gift cards has also been given.

Sean Bethell and the other brigades pass on their thanks to the multiple volunteers, companies and members of the public for their enormous generosity. 

"It has been a really huge community effort," Sean said.

All donations have now been taken to fire-affected areas, with members driving up to 750 kilometres to deliver these goods. 

You can find out more about donations and fundraising opportunities on our updated intranet pages or through the CFA website.

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