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Puppy rescued after mine adventure

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Penny the Jack Russell puppy has been rescued uninjured after she fell 10 metres down a mine shaft at Tylden in the state’s North West. 

Puppy rescued after mine adventure

Photos courtesy Tylden CFA and CFA Oscar 1

Members from Tylden CFA and Woodend SES were called to the scene near Evans Road before midday on Sunday (6 January) to find a puppy had slipped and fallen into a mine while out on a walk with her owners.

With access difficult and safety paramount, CFA’s mine rescue team Oscar 1 were called in from Bendigo to assist. 

Upon arrival, Oscar 1’s team of six assessed the scene, briefing members on the mission plan and building the rope system needed to safely remove Penny from the mine.

Oscar 1 team member Brenton was selected to enter the mine due to his rope experience and his reputation as a lover of dogs. 

It took the team approximately 35 minutes to retrieve Penny who made fast friends with Brenton as she was secured and pulled to safety before being reunited with her grateful owners.  

Oscar 1 became a CFA Brigade in May 2013 after its formation as a rescue team in 1999. The team is the only volunteer mine rescue team in Australia and the only CFA brigade with underground mine rescue capability. 

Based in Bendigo, the team of volunteers is skilled in open and closed-circuit breathing apparatus, underground search and rescue, vertical and high-angle rescue, grain engulfment rescue, and confined space rescue.

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