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Bemm River brigade buys new equipment thanks to RACV grant

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Bemm River Fire Brigade recently bought some new equipment thanks to a grant of $2800 from RACV Community Grants.

Bemm River brigade buys new equipment thanks to RACV grant

Bemm River brigade member David Sturgess using the new Apple Ipad Pro

Each of the brigade's three trucks now have access to a set of red and blue flashing Eflare safety beacons. These can be used at car accidents and in situations where the public needs to be aware of a safety hazard. They will also be used at the new helipad at Bemm River.

This purchase will improve the safety of brigade members and other emergency personnel, as well as the general public.

The grant also allowed the brigade to buy an Apple Ipad Pro so that brigade members can take photos at an incident,email and record items of interest for the reports that have to be filled out later, and get weather updates for the area they are operating in.

Members of Bemm River brigade would like to thank Sarjawan Vijayakumar and Rory Sackville of RACV Community Grants for their kind consideration of the brigade's grant application. 

Eflares in use at a training practice night