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Real training in a virtual world

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Ongoing development in virtual reality (VR) technology is rapidly changing how we learn new skills and, for a number of years, CFA has been offering increasing levels of experiential learning using computer simulation.

Real training in a virtual world

CFA will be highlighting both VR and computer simulation learning in interactive displays at the Urban Junior State Championships at Warrnambool on 24-25 February 2018, the Urban Senior Championships in Bendigo 10-12 March, and the Rural Championships in Warrnambool 7-8 April.

On display will be the range of simulators we currently use. In addition, attendees at the Champs have the opportunity to use a VR system developed by FLAIM Systems from Deakin University, known as FLAIM. 

The FLAIM immersive virtual experience puts the user into a fire situation and provides haptic feedback through such things as realistic jet reaction effects and fire scenarios. It can be used to engage the community and let them feel what it’s like to be a firefighter in a fire scenario. The system can also record heart and breathing rates, stress level, body temperature, and branch flow rate.  Onlookers can view on a large screen what the user is seeing and experiencing.

At the Champs people who try the VR system will be given structural jackets to wear, and they will be invited to give feedback to help CFA further develop the use of VR. We are interested in knowing whether these tools would help community members understand what it’s like being a firefighter, and whether they could be used to identify future firefighters.

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