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Sharing knowledge for volunteer success

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A new online platform allows CFA people to access case studies about successful brigade volunteer retention, re-engagement and recruitment strategies.

Sharing knowledge for volunteer success

Visit the Knowledge Sharing Platform to learn how Pyramid Hill engaged with their growing Filipino community to share safety messages and recruit new members.

Developed by the Volunteer Sustainability Team, the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Knowledge Sharing Platform allows brigades and staff to benefit and learn from the experiences of others by providing open access to information about tried and tested initiatives.

Already more than 40 case studies have been collected on topics including how to engage members of rural brigades throughout the year and recruiting in small rural areas; raising community awareness and embracing diverse communities; targeted recruiting and succession planning; and recognising members with special events and rewards.

Brigades and staff can also celebrate and share their successful activities with other members by submitting their own case studies to be added to the platform.

The Knowledge Sharing Platform was developed following feedback from workshops with district staff held across the state last year, coupled with feedback from the 2017 Enhancing Volunteerism Forum. 

This highlighted a need to easily share and find information about tried and tested retention and recruitment strategies.

Scroll to watch video about how Goomalibee-Upotippotpon brigade retains members throughout winter 

All CFA staff and volunteers can access the platform via Members Online. Once logged in, case studies can be filtered by keyword, brigade class or location.   

CFA staff can upload new case studies on behalf of volunteers and brigades by downloading the case study template, filling in the required information and uploading it back onto the platform.

Executive Director Volunteers and Capability DCO Stephanie Rotarangi said the Knowledge Sharing Platform was a great way to celebrate brigade achievements and get inspiration for local recruitment and retention initiatives.

“There’s not always a need to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch. By using the platform, you can find case studies from your fellow brigades that can be tailored to suit your location or goals,” Stephanie said.

“And if you have held a successful event or activity, we’d love you to share them - so your knowledge and experience can be learned from and celebrated.”

To access the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Knowledge Sharing Platform visit CFA Members Online.

For further information please contact the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention team at

The Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Knowledge Sharing Platform is part of the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Project funded under the State Government’s $60 million investment in the Victorian Fire Services Statement.