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Structural helmet rollout complete

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CFA has completed its rollout of new structural firefighting helmets to more than 5000 volunteer firefighters across Victoria.

Structural helmet rollout complete

*Photo taken pre-COVID-19 restrictions

More than 2,000 helmets were distributed to 179 brigades as part of the project before distribution was suspended in March 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions.

Distribution of remaining helmets resumed in September last year, providing the new PPC to members of the final 279 CFA brigades.

The new structural firefighting helmets were funded as part of the State Government’s $60 million Fire Services Statement.

The helmets have been distributed to members who hold qualifications in the use of Breathing Apparatus equipment and Search and Rescue.

The new helmets replaced the CFA’s existing structural firefighting helmets for firefighters who are trained to respond to structure fire incidents and conduct internal search and rescue operations.

The helmets feature an improved design and fit to benefit members.

*Photo taken pre-COVID-19 restrictions

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said the Pacific F15 Premium jet-style structural helmet provides firefighters with a range of new features.

“This helmet has specific benefits for internal structure firefighting attack, and we’re excited to have been able to provide it to a large cohort of our firefighters,” he said.

The helmet includes a one-touch visor, a full-coverage internal face shield, integrated helmet torch, comfort harness and liner, and flame-resistant multi-layer neck flaps.

It also has a reinforced composite shell and an advanced polymer chassis.

“These helmets are modern, innovative and effective, and the CFA is excited that they’ve been rolled out to more than 5000 members across Victoria,” CO Heffernan said.

“CFA is committed to equipping our firefighters with modern protective equipment as well as continuing to empower them following the delivery of fire services reform.”

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