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Support continues with second Queensland deployment

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CFA is continuing to assist Queensland in the face of extreme weather conditions expected to persist for several days.

Support continues with second Queensland deployment

Earlier today dozens of emergency service personnel departed Tullamarine airport in a second round of deployments to assist with the Queensland fires. 

Sent off by Acting Chief Officer Stephanie Rotarangi and Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp, all those attending were firmly aware of the conditions on the ground and the gravity of the situation but eager to arrive and assist soon as possible.  

"What we're seeing here today is a great willingness of not just CFA personnel but Victorian emergency services in general in helping our sister agencies however we can.” Dr Rotarangi said.

“Our aim is to support our Queensland and interstate colleagues tackling multiple significant fires burning through central Queensland, particularly as more unprecedented weather is forecast along with providing relief to our personnel already on the ground”.

The events in Queensland have also brought into focus the need for all Victorians to plan and prepare for the local fire season.

“It is important to understand and know the risks in your local area. Have a plan for what you and your family will do in the event of a fire and know where to access the latest emergency information,” said Dr Rotarangi.