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The Emergency Services Blood Challenge starts 1 June

  | Holly Penketh Views: 2099

Last year CFA gave 899 donations during the Emergency Services Blood Challenge, saving over 2697 lives. 

The Emergency Services Blood Challenge starts 1 June

Emergency services members from all over Australia are able to take part in the Emergency Services Blood Challenge which will run from 1 June until 31 August, hosted by Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

Last year 56 different emergency services agencies made donations to the cause, saving a massive 34,227 lives. A huge 11,408 donations of whole blood, plasma and platelets cross the 92 days.

CFA finished the challenge in third place, being the only fire agency in the top five. But this year, we are looking at saving even more lives.

CFA is encouraging its members to book their appointments early this year as Australian Red Cross Lifeblood has already had overwhelming support throughout COVID-19 restrictions. You can check the latest information and requirements here.

Donating blood remains an essential service and demand does not take a break.

Taking part is simple:

- Visit the Lifeblood website, check you are eligible to donate and what’s involved.

- Book an appointment to donate between 1 June 1 and 31 August. You can book online, download the ap or call 13 14 95

- For small group appointments call 1300 886 524 or visit Lifeblood Teams

- Add your donation to the Country Fire Authority (VIC) Lifeblood Team Tally via the website or by request when you go to donate.

More information about the Emergency Services Challenge and the CFA Lifeblood Team can be found on the website.

Once you have added your donations to the Country Fire Authority (VIC) Team it will be added to the CFA tally. Every donation will be counted so don’t forget to make your next appointment.