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Training at all heights

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Dandenong CFA – B Platoon High Angle Rescue team and Search & Rescue Dogs Australia Inc (SARDA) teamed up to complete vital training over the weekend of March 14.

Training at all heights

Training included ropes, HRD and agility training and smoke-filled building searches, which allowed volunteers to play the role of the people who could be trapped as they were rescued from all areas on site.

A lunch was hosted by the brigade for all involved, and was a great opportunity to network and reflect on the day’s events.

This training is vital to SARDA teams as the need for rope repelling can be important to successfully transport K9 teams to areas that may be deemed inaccessible.

For quite a few new members and K9's this was a first time handlers worked alongside the dogs to be traversed together. In previous pre-training, it’s been the firefighters working alongside the dogs.

The two agencies have been in partnership over the past five years, which has allowed them both to participate in particular training scenarios that could be called upon in an emergency. 

Congratulations to all involved. 

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