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Twin Rivers community bushfire exercise a great success

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On Sunday 22 September more than 140 locals gathered at the Swan Reach footy club in East Gippsland to learn more about preparing for bushfire.  

Twin Rivers community bushfire exercise a great success

Many of those attending were just adding to their already substantial knowledge about fire preparedness, while others were just starting their plans. 

Residents were walked through fire scenarios that could impact their community and homes, given the opportunity to interact with agency experts and brigade members, and visualised their homes on maps while running through scenarios.

A burn table demonstration was a success and set the scene for continued conversation about fire behaviour and triggers to leave.

Twenty-five people remained after the event for one-on-one time with the agency staff to get help preparing their plan. The event drew people from far and wide and proved that people want to know more and are keen to be fire ready this season. 

As well as CFA volunteers, representatives from Red Cross, Parks Victoria, Victoria Police, DELWP and the council helped run the session.  

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