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Update from CO Steve Warrington

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When I hear reports and first-hand accounts of our people being assaulted and/or threatened, I am disappointed and frustrated.

Update from CO Steve Warrington

You always put community first and act in their best interests. You deserve to be treated with respect.

Safety of our personnel is the primary consideration. It is important that all of you, especially those who hold leadership roles, are aware of protections in place.

To ensure that CFA remains proactive and our processes and systems support the safest possible environment for our personnel to perform their roles, CFA provides tools to improve awareness around hostile acts.

Information, the tools that are available, and the informative hostile acts film, can be viewed through CFA Intranet/Brigades Online.

As well District Operations Managers and all departmental managers with personnel who work in an operational environment need to ensure that personnel under their management are informed of, have access to and undertake familiarisation of the Operations Bulletin.

This bulletin advises about the introduction and use of additional signals to be used as alternate, discreet method of notifying ESTA (VicFire) and supervisory personnel such as RDO/SDOs, as to the status of events at an operational fire or incident where members experience a hostile act or other related occurrence.

The current Signal 5-5 protocol now includes an additional four (4) critical radio signals to assist personnel if exposed to hostile acts when attending fires and incidents.

The signals alert responders and Agency Duty Officers to potentially threatening situations without explicitly defining the event.

Hostile Acts Signals stickers have been produced as a quick reference to communicate the different signals and their meanings, and should be applied to the dashboard of the following appliances/vehicles:

  • All fire trucks and specialist vehicles
  • Corporate operational vehicles fitted with CFA radios
  • Brigade owned vehicles fitted with CFA radios

Future requests for stickers can be made through the CFA State Logistics Centre.

It is important that these additional signals, in response to hostile acts and other incidents, are to be adopted and understood by all operational members of CFA.