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Update from Executive Manager, Fleet & Protective Equipment, Danny Jones

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After 24 years with CFA I can hold my hand on heart and say that our Fleet and Protective Equipment team’s passion for providing and maintaining critical equipment is equal to or even more greater that shown by the many volunteers and staff that use it. 

Update from Executive Manager, Fleet & Protective Equipment, Danny Jones

Start a conversation about trucks, cars or breathing apparatus with anyone in CFA and you’re in for a long haul!

Underpinning our passion is a desire to continually improve through innovation, technology, user feedback and experience. Some of the more recent projects undertaken by our team include new generation breathing apparatus, structural helmets, ultra-heavy tankers and bulk water carriers, to name a few.

Our current build of heavy tankers incorporates several new features.

A fully automatic Allison transmission with hydraulic retarder will replace the automated manual transmission and provide enhanced on and off-road capability and control. Rear side door access to the pump area negates the need for a slide-out locker, and a heat exchanger is fitted to the pump engine on the first six tankers in lieu of a radiator and fan.

The heat exchanger is an entirely new and innovative concept to CFA and other fire agencies are watching closely with interest. These will be put through more extensive field trials over the next fire season under the watchful eyes of our district mechanical officers (DMOs).

Starting to appear more regularly throughout CFA and on firegrounds is our standard built field command vehicle (FCV) concept. Based on a Ford Ranger duel cab chassis this has evolved over the past couple of years through the VESEP program to what you see today.

A standardised vehicle means more members are familiar with its layout and features making it easier for rotating crews to operate. 

The purpose-designed and manufactured body module is lightweight, interchangeable and allows for some internal layout changes to broaden its application.

In addition to brigades, other work groups such as Vegetation Management and instructors are showing interest in this design.

Our team will continue to work hard to develop new and improved vehicles and equipment for our members, collaborating with you along the way to make sure the design and features are what you need for the important role you play in protecting lives and property.