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Updating the Koori Inclusion Action Plan

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CFA's Koori Inclusion Action Plan (KIAP) is in the process of being revised and refreshed.

Updating the Koori Inclusion Action Plan

KIAP promotes the inclusion of Aboriginal people and perspectives throughout everything we do.

From volunteerism and employment to partnerships and service delivery by improving access and inclusion to services, programs, policies and procedures for the Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

A central focus of this plan is an appreciation for the way the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in all their diversity, have cared for Country for tens of thousands of years.

CFA and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community share a culture of fire and have a secure link as custodians of the land and champions of the responsible use and management of fire.

Over the past three months, consultations have been occurring with CFA members interested in the KIAP and a formal Advisory Group has been established following an official call for Expressions of Interest.

The Advisory Group hopes to expand its membership to include additional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. 

"We have a passionate advisory committee, and we are keen to hear from more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members.” Said Project Coordinator Bonnie Healey.

“We acknowledge that the community is the leader in this area.

"We are focused on some key principals in this refresh including ensuring mutual respect and mutual benefit for community with a focus on a long term grounded cultural shift.”

The Koori Inclusion Action Plan currently has 20 actions spanning the whole of CFA.

Throughout the review process, some great work has been highlighted by several directorates. Still, feedback indicates the organisation also has room for improvement.

A significant amount of the work undertaken to date has been led by champions who are particularly passionate about inclusion, where the Advisory Committee is keen to see actions move to core business across the entire organisation.

The first draft of the revised action plan, led by the advisory committee and member feedback, will be available for consultation in September.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the current KIAP or tabling aspirations for the refreshed document or identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander member wishing to be involved in the Advisory Committee, please contact Bonnie Healey, Inclusion and Fairness Coordinator at

As part of National Reconciliation Week CFA has launched online training, Indigenous Inclusion. This module is available via Learning Hub in the Digital Learning catalogue in a folder called ‘Inclusion’ found here.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Course is designed to assist people in understanding the importance of Australian Indigenous cultural diversity. 

At the end of the course, participants will have an enhanced understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and capabilities to better embrace Indigenous cultural diversity in the workplace. 

The modules are presented in an interactive way with many videos and opportunities to gather further information. 

The module takes approximately 50 minutes and is a fantastic way to acknowledge National Reconciliation Week