A platform to share brigade experiences and knowledge

The Volunteer Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) has been developed by the Volunteer Recruitment and Retention (VR&R) Project and is a place for volunteers to share their experiences and ideas with other volunteers across the state. 


The sharing of knowledge stimulates innovation and growth and can help brigades find inspiration for activities or overcome issues they may be facing.

The KSP was originally released in October 2019 with a focus on four themes: recruitment, retention, recognition and re-engagement.  

The platform has now been expanded to include a wider range of topics that members will experience during their time as a volunteer. A different theme will be promoted each month to encourage members to upload and share their own experiences.

Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said the platform has been created to encourage brigades and staff to share their initiatives and work across various aspects of volunteering. 

“The sharing of knowledge stimulates innovation and growth, allows better decision making and increases the engagement of volunteers across the state.

“I encourage you to share your experiences and initiatives so that incredible work and knowledge can be learned from and celebrated, and so that we can work towards a stronger, more united CFA.”

Volunteers and support staff can upload their own volunteer experiences directly to the KSP. A template is available online for members to download, fill in the required information and upload back on to the platform.

Members can share all sorts of experiences, including documents, videos and photos. The platform can be accessed through the CFA Intranet.

For further questions, please feel free to contact the project team at volunteers-strategy@cfa.vic.gov.au

Author: CFA News