Bright future with new recruits

It’s the biggest intake in recent memory -- eight new recruits to bolster Bright’s CFA brigade.

Late last year the volunteer firefighters were struggling to get people to fires in the middle of the week.

Story by Justin Jenvey, Myrtleford Times

But the new additions, including another woman, recently completed their wildfire minimum skills, having signed up to the brigade late last year, and are now available to turn out to protect life and property.

Only a few months ago, Bright CFA captain Paul Mansfield raised concerns that the brigade didn’t have enough active members. With around 40 on their list but only 10 regularly attending Monday night training at the time, Mr Mansfield hoped to find around six new volunteers to ensure they would never fail to respond to a call.

Now, with just short of 50 members, Mansfield said the current situation was great for the brigade.

“They are all complete beginners but we are pretty rapt with the bunch,” he said. “We have never had eight before in one hit and that’s the result of our recruiting drive, a bit of media and open station weekends and that sort of stuff.

“We have been recruiting since October so it’s good to get this many and it’s going to share the load a bit.

“We have a real mix of people, a few tradies, one semi-retired and a female.

“We are an equal opportunity brigade so it’s good to have another woman come on board, we have three now.”

Mr Mansfield said with the eight new volunteers having just completed their wildfire minimum skills they will now go on probation for six months, but are able to attend incidents under supervision.

Photo courtesy of the Myrtleford Times

Author: Leith Hillard