Children to the rescue

When a house fire broke out recently in Diamond Creek, the quick-thinking and sensible actions of 10-year-old Levi and 16-year-old Immogen saved the day (and the house). 


Immogen receiving her Certification of Commendation from the Captain and 3rd Lieutenant of Diamond Creek Fire Brigade

Immogen and Levi were home on the afternoon the fire broke out. Mum was briefly out of the house. While Mum was out, the smoke detectors at home alerted Immogen and Levi to the fire which had started in the living room. The chimney flue had failed and fire had broken out of the flue and was impacting the ceiling of the living room, as well as the roof space above the fire place. 

Immogen immediately called Triple Zero and reported the fire, she then followed the instructions of the ESTA call taker, and with Levi's assistance was able to bring the situation under control. Immogen was still on the phone to ESTA when mum arrived home, and Immogen was then able to assist Mum and Levi to help dowse the flames.

When the Diamond Creek Fire Brigade arrived on scene a short time later, Levi met the crew at the front of the property and was able to calmly and clearly describe the situation, including who was in the house and what everyone was doing. Levi did an outstanding job in helping the crew size up the scene. 

Once the incident had been brought under control, the OIC had a chat with Mum about the situation. It turns out that Immogen recently completed a Certificate 2 in Public Safety with Magenta Safety Training - an RTO which provides safety training, including firefighting training, to a range of students. Immogen, a student at Templestowe College, had just finished this certificate. Coincidentally, her trainer was the Captain of the Diamond Creek Fire Brigade, who works for Magenta Safety Training. What a small world!

In light of the excellent actions of both Levi and Immogen, the Fire Brigade decided to award them both with certificates of commendation. These were presented at the Brigade's August meeting.

Congratulations Levi and Immogen on your outstanding actions in what must have been a stressful situation. 

Levi receiving his Certification of Commendation from the Captain and 3rd Lieutenant of Diamond Creek Fire Brigade

Author: Fiona Macken