Creating change for the future

At 19 years old Larissa Ballard is not only the first female to ever be elected to District 22’s Planning Committee (DPC) - she is also the youngest.


Larissa was elected to the committee of five by the existing DPC membership in September.

Larissa has been a member of Mooroopna Brigade for six years, starting as a junior in 2012 and continuing into senior roles.

She said she wanted to join the DPC to represent her brigade, meet new community-minded people and create change for the future.

“At first I was shocked at being elected but I also felt excited by the opportunity; it’s an honour to be the youngest and first female to be elected as an executive member of the DPC,” Larissa said.

“Being a part of the committee is a great opportunity to broaden my skills and knowledge within the CFA and be able to share it with other members.

“I’m also looking forward to meeting new people that share the same passion for CFA as well as their communities.”

Larissa said she hoped to effect positive changes within CFA through her role on the DPC.

“CFA means a lot to me,” Larissa said.

“Through CFA I have met new people that have quickly become family.

“Being a volunteer has also allowed me to support my community and helped me build my skills and knowledge.

“The majority of the skills I have developed within CFA have helped me within my everyday life.” 

District Planning Committees are formed within districts to focus on strategic issues facing brigades as well as policy development and community engagement initiatives.

Author: Shaunnagh O'Loughlin