District 15 road rescue day

The road rescue brigades of Ballan, Daylesford and Ballarat worked on five cars during a collaborative April training day.

“We had a mix of sturdy old cars and new cars with seat belt pretensioners and airbags,” said Ballarat Captain Mark Cartledge. “Of course undeployed airbags and pretensioners have a pyrotechnic charge which can be a hazard to crews so that’s always an important thing to go over.”

Ten experienced members worked with a car on its roof on uneven ground and extrication of a patient once the car was stabilised. Fifteen less-experienced members worked on a vehicle on its side, while other maintained their first aid skills using a trauma dummy.

All members then worked on a collision scenario with one car on top of another and victims trapped. The final scenario was a car on its side winched back on its wheels in a controlled manner while testing some new ropes.

“We were lucky enough to have the CFA Rescue Association state training trailer on site so we could use all their gear rather than strip our own vehicles,” continued Mark. “Fortunately we didn’t get a call out, but we were able to maintain our road rescue coverage if required.

“It’s good to cross train. I can’t say enough about the value of networking with guys and girls we might see at a rescue one day – hopefully not but it’s always possible. We came together as one so we’re prepared to get people out of situations of harm.”

Thanks to Blair Dellemijn for all photos

Author: Leith Hillard