Nominate in the Spirit of CFA

Spirit of CFA nominations are open. Susan Little, winner of the 2018 Spirit of CFA ‘Living the Values’ Gold Award, talks about how it felt to be nominated.


Susan Little, Hamilton, District 5 - ‘Living the Values’ Winner

Susan has been an active member of CFA for more than 20 years in various roles including a firefighter, welfare officer and junior brigade team leader. 

“Initially, I was shocked," Susan said. "I was shocked because that’s not why I do what I do. I don’t volunteer for recognition. Once I got over the shock, I felt honoured. 

“The Spirit of CFA Awards are a really good way to recognise our staff and volunteers. It’s great for people who don’t realise the great work they are doing. 

“I’d suggest working with a team to put the applications together as you can support each other," she added.

Susan little was nominated by fellow Hamilton brigade member Ashleigh Kemp. 

Ashleigh talks about the nomination process and encourages members to get nominating.

“It’s a privilege that CFA has these awards. Being able to nominate your peers whose hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed is extremely gratifying.

“The nomination process was easy as CFA provide extensive information about how to apply.

“I nominated Susan because she demonstrates CFA values that I look up to.”

Nominations for next year's awards close midnight, Monday 13 January,   

“Give yourself time to fill out the application, don’t rush it and don’t be afraid to ask your peers for support. That really helped me," she said.

“I’m in the process of nominating again this year, and I encourage CFA members to do the same."    

Nominations can be accepted for across nine categories:

  • Excellence in Community Engagement (both individual and team awards)
  • Youth Award (individual award)
  • Seniors Award (individual award)
  • Living the Values (Gold Award) (individual award)
  • Inclusion & Fairness Champion (individual award)
  • Excellence in Partnership Development (both individual and team awards)
  • Excellence in Interagency or group cooperation (both individual and team awards)
  • Excellence in Capability Planning (both individual and team awards)
  • Excellence in Innovation (both individual and team awards)

To be eligible for the awards, nominees need to reflect CFA values and have made a significant contribution or project implementation to CFA and the community between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2019.

Criteria for the awards and the process for nomination can be found at

Author: CFA News