Kyabram members rescue kitten within ten minutes

Kyabram Brigade was called to an incident just after 4pm on 17 May where a kitten was stuck in a tree.


Kyabram Brigade Captain Mick Crompton

This mischievous kitten took on a tree that was a little too high. 

When no one else was able to help the owner called the local CFA.

Brigade members arrived on scene within minutes and were able to use a ladder to rescue the kitten.

Kyabram Brigade Captain Mick Crompton was on scene and said he’d never been called out to rescue a kitten from a tree before.

“Since being a member we’ve responded to many incidents involving animals but I’ve never had to rescue a kitten from a tree.

“We had the Kyabram tanker and pumper on scene to support, but we managed to rescue the cat within minutes.” 

The cat was safety brought back to ground level and given to her owner by 4.15pm.

Author: Holly Penketh