Message from Anthony Ramsay, Executive Director Infrastructure Services

More than 1000 brigades across Victoria will receive internet connectivity as part of the rollout of our Connected Brigades initiative.


The initiative, funded under the State Government’s Fire Services Statement, aims to provide a secure and standard internet service for brigades, to support online training and improve the ability for members to communicate with each other - across regions, districts and with headquarters.

This project also recognises the work brigades do outside of responding to calls including planning and delivering prevention, preparedness and recovery programs, as well as the amount of time our members spend at their stations.

All brigades were invited to be part of the program with some choosing to opt out due to not requiring the service.  

The rollout of the project will take about a year to complete with brigades receiving the best technology available for their location - either NBN wired, NBN wireless, ADSL or mobile connectivity.

Telstra has been appointed to manage the work after a competitive tender process, and will work with each brigade to arrange installation.

Connected Brigades is one of 14 projects funded under the 2017 Fire Services Statement with the aim of ensuring our volunteers are equipped with contemporary, high-standard equipment, tools and systems.

A number of infrastructure projects including station replacements, amenity improvements, appliances, training props and new technology are included in the projects.

I look forward to updating you further about these projects as they progress.

For more information on the Connected Brigades initiative - including FAQs - visit Brigades Online.

Author: Anthony Ramsay, Executive Director Infrastructure Services