Message from Sally Pickering, Executive Director Communications and Stakeholder Relations

CFA has introduced an updated Business Rule for Traditional, Social and Digital Media to provide guidance for all members of CFA about appropriate and respectful use of these channels.

Media in all its forms remains an integral platform of our communications strategy, whether during an emergency incident or highlighting the wonderful community engagement of our members.

The intention of this Business Rule is to provide guidance and ultimately protect members when using or engaging communication platforms and to protect CFA’s reputation, image and confidential information.

View Business Rule on Members Online

The business rule has been developed following extensive consultation across the organisation. It sets out what CFA deems to be acceptable use of media and the consequences for breaching the business rule, including potential legal issues.

It outlines the importance of ensuring that media commentary by CFA members is polite, courteous and respectful, always aligning with CFA values and inclusion and fairness principles.

It is important to note that it is not possible to provide detailed rules of engagement for every conceivable situation, however this business rule draws on the guiding principles of CFA behaviours and values, and the applicable codes of conduct for employees and volunteers.

We know the media and digital environment continues to evolve and we’ll be amending this Business Rule regularly to adjust with the changing landscape and legal requirements.

CFA promotes, and expects our members to contribute to, a safe workplace which extends to how we interact on media platforms.

CFA members who are uncertain whether the content they wish to publish constitutes a breach of this business rule should err on the side of caution and/or seek advice from our Social Media team if appropriate. 

I encourage you to familiarise yourself with this Business Rule and understand its purpose. If you need to seek further advice, please contact the Communications and Stakeholder Relations team

Author: Sally Pickering, Executive Director Communications and Stakeholder Relations