Mock rescue highlights interoperability

CFA crews from Maindample, Mansfield and Wangaratta participated in a mock rescue exercise with Mansfield SES, Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and Mansfield Shire Council.


More than 45 people including volunteer patients from Mansfield Secondary College, Mansfield Primary and Geelong Grammar School Timbertop participated in the annual emergency scenario, where crews responded to an accident between a car and a bus carrying schoolchildren. 

The car and its passengers had driven into a tree, while the bus had veered down an embankment, simulating a bus over the edge of Mount Buller. 

The Wangaratta technical rescue crew joined the exercise for the first time and were responsible for the vertical rescue of patients.

These inter-agency mock scenarios are designed to help crews get to know each other, how they operate, what resources they have, and how they can work together. 

Mansfield Fire Brigade Captain Andrew Peachey thanked the SES Mansfield Unit, exercise organisers and the volunteer actors for making the day such a success. 

"Our crew always enjoys the opportunity to participate in inter-agency training exercises," Andrew said.

"We have a good relationship with our local SES team and the day was very worthwhile."

Information and photos courtesy Mansfield SES Unit

Author: CFA News and Media