New animations show why and where you need smoke alarms in your home

Member News image Only working smoke alarms, in the right locations, save lives.


CFA has released a series of new animations that highlight the need for working smoke alarms in the home. Three videos explain how working smoke alarms in the right locations can help reduce your risk from fire.


Smoke Alarms: What they do shows how a working smoke alarm will alert you to a fire in another room, giving you time to escape the house and call Triple Zero (000).

Smoke Alarms: Why you need them provides two examples of the danger of not having working smoke alarms or having smoke alarms in the wrong locations.

In the first example, the batteries in a smoke alarm have been removed and the alarm does not activate in time to prevent serious harm to the residents.

The next scenario shows why smoke alarms are a bedroom essential. Most people who die in fires are found on or next to their bed.  

Smoke alarms: Where to put them shows the required and recommended locations of working smoke alarms in a home.

CFA recommends that smoke alarms be installed in every living area and bedroom. For the best protection, smoke alarms should be interconnected so that when one alarm activates, they all will.

This animation has been produced as part of CFA’s Smoke Alarm Intervention Project, which aims to increase the number of working smoke alarms in Victorian homes.

Brigades and members are encouraged to share the new animation and other supporting materials with the community.

Find out more about how to install, maintain, and replace your smoke alarms.


Submitted by Andrew Beech Jones