New look and feel Home Fire Safety book available now

CFA has worked with MFB to produce a brand new Home Fire Safety book.The book incorporates some advice for people living in apartments and includes updates to our smoke alarm messaging. 


The new book is provided in an easy to use and print A4 format, featuring Frankie the fire extinguisher who provides useful tips and highlights throughout as you tour his home. For all you 80s fans, see if you can spot Frankie's pop reference. 

The language of the new book is plain and simple, supported by Frankie's own tips and key messages in bullet points. The colourful and easy to read book is available from your Regional Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC), in printed form or can be downloaded from the CFA website. We hope the new book will be useful for adults and young people alike.

While we're launching this new book today, none of the messaging in the old book is wrong. In an effort to reduce our waste, please use existing stocks before ordering new books.

Author: Deanna Simmons