Paynesville Rehab Unit supports our firefighters

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Firefighting is hard, hot, physical work that can place a lot of stress on people. It’s important that all emergency workers go home in a healthy condition - which is where our skilled rehab units can help.


Often referred to as the Rehab Team, the Paynesville Health Monitoring team is a group of dedicated CFA members trained in advanced first-aid to respond to a number of situations in District 11 and beyond. 

The team has a response truck to take to incidents or staging areas, and a mobile unit for deployments. It has been deployed to a number of incidents across the state and is equipped to support all emergency services events.

The 12-strong team monitors the health and wellbeing of all emergency personnel at incidents through health observations, and provides hydration, a sheltered area and special chairs equipped to cool down the body. 

Observations include using Pulse Oximeters to record oxygen levels. hydration and carbon monoxide levels as well as blood pressure cuffs, and general first-aid. Along with these units they have a thermos-anemometer, oxygen, heaters, fans, water, female hygiene packs and snake bite kits on board.

The team carries out specialist training once a month to test the equipment and monitor each other, rotating job roles during training so that any member can take on any position in the team.

Rehab Team Leader Daryl Sutton thinks they have the best people for the job.


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