Stepping up to seniors

Three Junior Members of the Kiewa Brigade have moved up to the senior brigade.


Jack, Abbey, and Branden from Kiewa Fire Brigade

These three keen firefighters first started at the CFA aged just 11. Now five years on and they have recently completed their first training session with the senior brigade.

All junior members will be following in their family’s footsteps as they join them at the senior brigade.

Because the brigade has a close relationship with its junior brigade, they are able to encourage members to transition into a senior membership. 

By doing this, the brigade is able to retain its junior members and use their knowledge and experience to add to the succession of Kiewa Brigade.

“We have watched them grow and gain skills over the past five years and they will now be part of our senior team. Well done and welcome to our senior membership.”

Congratulations to all three new members and to the succession of Kiewa Fire Brigade.

Author: Holly Penketh