Train to move your dragon

Members of Golden Square Fire Brigade have helped Bendigo's new Imperial dragon make its way home.


Bright and early on Sunday morning (7 April), members assisted the Golden Dragon Museum 金龍博物館 as it transferred the Imperial dragon Dai Gum Loong from Bendigo Airport to the museum by foot.

The brigade provided rehab support to the more than 100 people and support staff who walked the dragon the five kilometres from the airport to the Museum.

Museum staff together with RMIT Flight Training School spent two weeks assembling the dragon in a hangar at the airport after it arrived from Hong Kong.

The dragon will feature in Bendigo’s gala parade during the Easter festival.

The move was also supported by Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and the Bendigo Chinese Association 大金山中華公會

Photos courtesy Golden Square Fire Brigade

Author: Shaunnagh O'Loughlin