Trapped puppy freed by Caroline Springs fireys

A six-week-old puppy found trapped inside a drain has been safely recovered by a group of Caroline Springs firefighters on Wednesday, 16 October.


Caroline Springs firefighters, Mark Welch, Hugh Mahony, Josh Kent, Michael Ludviksen, assisted in retrieving the trapped puppy from the drain.

CFA was called to the incident along Vintage Way at around 10.20am by a council contractor, who had already made an attempt to free the puppy, though it had travelled around seven metres into the drain and was out of reach.

Caroline Springs Station Officer Mark Welch said the drain pipe, which was estimated to be around 10 metres in length, was too narrow to access.

“We had to forcibly gain access to the other locked drain’s access point,” Mr Welch said.

“The length of the pipe was then isolated between the access points.

“The puppy was located to prevent the puppy from escaping to another portion of pipe.”

After around 45 minutes, firefighters then flowed water into the drain until the puppy emerged at one of the access points and was safely retrieved.

Mr Welch said the puppy was safely handed over to local council, which will hopefully find it a new home.

“The firefighters were pretty happy about it, it’s not the kind of incident you get all the time,” he said. 

Author: CFA News and Media