Where there’s a will there’s a wave

Member News image Brigade Members Kyle Cozens and Lachlan Jones

Romsey Fire Brigade Members Lachlan Jones and Kyle Cozens recently won 13 medals between them at the Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games (VPESG). 

The pair won eleven gold and two silver medals between them. There were also seven game records set by Lachlan with some of them being well and truly smashed by at least six seconds.

Lachlan and Kyle both competed in the swimming competition for the 2021 games. Kyle said the atmosphere at the games was incredible.

“I’ve been swimming since I was six months old and have been swimming competitively for approximately 18 years,” Kyle said.

“I got four gold and two silver medals at this year’s games. I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was incredible and I would encourage any member to get involved.

“I really want to take part in next year’s games and potentially go to the Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games in New Zealand,” Kyle added.

Lachlan beat seven records including the 50-metre freestyle, 50-metre butterfly, 50-metre breaststroke, 50-metre backstroke, 100-metre freestyle, 200-metre freestyle and 400-metre freestyle.

Lachlan has been racing competitively for around 11 years.

“It was my first race back since the pandemic and it felt so nice to return with the VPESG as it was a great environment,” Lachlan said.

“I would encourage more members to get involved as there was such a great atmosphere,” Lachlan added. “I plan to attend next year’s games, break my records again and potentially go to the games in New Zealand.”

This year the games were held in Geelong and ran from 17 to 21 March 2021. The Games are an opportunity for emergency services to come together and compete in a friendly and healthy sport of choice from the 40 sports on offer.

This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Games and attracted a diverse range of competitors from the 23 agencies involved.

Congratulations to all participants who took part in this year's games. All results can be viewed on the Police and Emergency Services Games website.



Submitted by CFA News