Information for journalists

CFA Media is committed to treating media with courtesy and give them reasonable assistance to inform the community of matters involving CFA, including

  • Providing information during incidents and emergencies
  • Promoting fire safety and awareness
  • Recognising the role and achievements of all CFA personnel and especially volunteers
  • Communicating CFA's work and focus on the protection of life and property, alongside its partner agencies


Media staff wishing to enter CFA and DEECA incidents must successfully complete Maintain Safety at Incidents training.
Register for training by emailing

In times of bushfire and major incidents, CFA and DEECA see the media as a partner in emergency management and value the role they have in informing and warning communities.

CFA and DEECA welcome media representatives onto fire grounds provided they are wearing correct Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment (PPC&E), have undertaken the appropriate training, and act in line with the CFA/DEECA Media Protocol, which outlines information about what accreditation can do for media representatives, about jurisdictional matters and operational matters such as road blocks.

The Maintain Safety at CFA Incidents course is designed to provide you with information that will help ensure your safety and the safety of others at incident sites.

Victorian media and other media wanting to cover bushfires in Victoria, are required to complete full 'Maintain Safety' training online every three years to maintain their accreditation. It's the responsibility of individuals to keep track of their accreditation and to renew it before the expiry date. Accreditation from outside Victoria will not be accepted.

Following your training, CFA/DEECA will issue you with a Media Accreditation Card, which must be presented when attending incident scenes or traffic management points.

Media card sample

There is also a useful bushfire safety course that is available for the general public; we strongly recommend media personnel also undertake this as we’ve received feedback from many that have found it very worthwhile. It does, however, remain optional.

For more information about CFA/DEECA Media Accreditation or PPC&E, please phone 1300 CFA MEDIA or email

During the bushfire season, the media line is often diverted to the State Control Centre when it is activated for major bushfires or high bushfire risk, so you may not always be able to speak to a CFA Media representative, but the email is monitored daily. Because CFA Media team members also work in operational support during emergencies, media accreditation processing can take longer during an ongoing emergency.

FAQs / Troubleshooting

  1. I've done the training - why haven’t I got my pass yet?
    Have you emailed to submit your certificate, a current photo and a mailing address?
  2. I haven't got a certificate
    Please refer to your instruction sheet on how to download your certificate through the Learning Portal. If you have lost it; email for a new copy.
  3. I did the training in person a previous year but I never got my accreditation pass?
    Please email the details of where and when you did the course and we will follow up (sometimes this takes time, especially once there are major bushfires as many CFA staff are involved in incident management support – the more details you can provide, the better).

    Alternatively, do the online course – it will mean you refresh yourself and stay as safe as possible on the fire ground. It only takes a couple of hours, and you can pause it, save and continue at a later time.