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The CFA Media team works closely with media on both proactive and reactive media opportunities and recognises the media as a valuable partner in emergency communication.

We always strive to respond to media queries as quickly as possible and within deadline, and will try to secure suitable spokespeople at state, regional and local levels as required.

CFA Media team members also work in operational support during emergencies, and are often deployed to the State Control Centre or incident control centres throughout the bushfire season and during other Victorian emergencies such as storms or pandemics.

CFA Media manages the media accreditation process for access to bushfires managed by CFA and/or DELWP and other CFA incidents that media may be interested in covering.

Please note that some built-up regional areas previously serviced by CFA career firefighters are now serviced by Fire Rescue Victoria (see FRV Response Areas). CFA volunteer firefighters continue to support FRV at incidents in these areas.


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Hot, dry weather forecast fans fire risk

Victorians living in or travelling into regional areas especially across Northern and Western parts of Victoria have been warned by CFA to take care in the coming days as hot and dry conditions are ex ...

11 Feb 2022 Community Safety

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Don’t wait to act, warns CFA

More than half of all Victorians living in areas at high risk of bushfire believe they will definitely get an official warning if threatened by a bushfire, a CFA survey has revealed.

2 Feb 2022 Community Safety

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