A positive result for Red Cross Lifeblood

Member News image Fiona Burns from Hillcrest Fire Brigade took part in this year's Challenge


CFA members have rolled up their sleeves and donated the highest number of platelets in this year’s Red Cross Lifeblood Emergency Services Blood Challenge, taking out overall third place just behind Victoria Police and New South Wales Police Force.


Throughout the challenge, CFA volunteers, staff, friends and family across the state donated a massive 1,209 times, comprising 451 whole blood, 719 plasma and 37 platelet donations.

Through their donations during the challenge, CFA members saved a total 3,627 lives.

A total of 13,572 donations were made across the country, generating enough blood to save 40,716 lives.

The top donation locations for CFA were:

  • Ringwood Donor Centre – 170 donations
  • Ballarat Donor Centre – 137 donations
  • Bendigo Donor Centre – 97 donations

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s challenge. The full results can be found on the Red Cross Lifeblood Website.

Though the Challenge is over for another year, Australia still needs 31,000 donations every week to meet demand. If you’re feeling well and meet the eligibility criteria, you can book in to donate online or by calling 13 14 95.



Submitted by CFA News & Media